Flea Market Shelf Remake

shelves remake

So I’ll admit it – I love going to swap meets. You never know what kind of interesting people you will meet, or what kind of cool, unique things you will find. A few weekends ago, my coworkers and roommate and I finally made it out to the Treasure Island Flea Market. Only a short ride across the bay, the flea market brings hundreds of visitors to one place at the end of the month to do one thing: be creative.

It was there that I found my idea for a DIY Remake: turning an old, plain, slightly scratched shelf into an awesome, poppin’ jewelry organizer. A can of spray paint, a drill, and 8 hooks later, I am the proud owner of a wonderful addition to my room. The painting was not made by me, but my phenomenally gifted friend, Marlee. Now, it all has a place. 🙂

Making this wasn’t that hard, so you can do it, too! The supplies you need are:

  • Wooden shelf from your local thrift store, swap meet, backyard, or home
  • Small or medium hooks (I found mine at Walgreen’s)
  • An electric drill
  • 1 spray can of primer paint
  • 1 spray can of paint color of choice
  • cardboard or canvas to protect your workspace from the paint
  1. Start by cleaning the wood of dirt and grime. This will help the paint to stick, and to prevent anything from growing on your wood.
  2. In a well ventilated area, spray all surfaces of your object with the primer.
  3. Once the primer has dried, spray on a minimum of one coats of your color. I only used one coat myself as I thought it covered it well and uniformly. Let dry.
  4. Once the shelf is dry, mark where you want your hooks to go using a ruler and a #2 pencil.
  5. Drill about an 1/8th of an inch into the wood, staying perpendicular to the wood with your drill. Remember to continue drilling as you enter the wood AND as you removed the bit from the wood. Doing so ensures that you make defined grooves for your screws/hooks.
  6. Insert the hooks where wanted.
  7. Hang up on your wall. 

And it’s that easy. Please send me pics of yours if you end up making one! Good luck.


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