White Chili with Chicken and Cornbread– YUM!

Hi All!

This week, I made White Chili with Chicken, as well as some cornbread from scratch. I found the recipes on a wonderful blog. The links are below.

Corn Bread

White Chili

Some crucial tips for chili, though:

  • Do not put two cans of beans AND two cans of corn unless you like your chili veggie heavy. I do, so it worked out. I used both red kidney beans and black beans, and it was a delicious mix
  • If you only want a little tang, and not a huge kick in the face with spicy, dice instead of mince our jalapeño/chili. Then, take your jalapeño/chili pieces out when you take your chicken out. It will give it just the right amount of kick (for wimps like me, that is).


And crucial tips for cornbread:

  • Let the cornbread be a little underbaked (NOT A LOT) so as to keep it moist
  • Consider adding a can of corn to the recipe so as to have corn inside each muffin
  • Have butter ready to make it a perfect side dish


Enjoy!! 😀


One thought on “White Chili with Chicken and Cornbread– YUM!

  1. This looks perfect! I love that you thought to add a can of corn to the corn muffins. I’m going to have to try that next time. And thank you for linking back the the recipes. I’m still a pretty small blog and get ridiculously excited when people try out my recipes. Have a great day and keep cookin’ ! Melissa

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